About Musarchiv

Having a website makes it posible to gather your life’s work in a single location.

It is a long-term investment, or more precisely, a lifetime investment that requires minimal maintenance.

Whether you’re a musician, a writer, a painter, an actor, a sculptor or a photographer, you need a website so that you can transmit your work to the world.

Of course, there are millions of people who specialize in making websites.

MUSARCHIV goes further…

Your musical life without frontiers


“It seems unnecessary to praise the work of Susana Lozano and María Weissenberg in the design and creation of websites: we only need to examine with a minimum of curiosity any of the examples shown here to appreciate the extent to which they reach the imagination, creativity, exquisite taste and, above all, the profound knowledge of the respective subjects displayed in them. An incessant effort and a particularly happy fantasy are allied with a detailed study of the material and the best way to offer it, both to be enjoyed on a computer or a tablet as well as on a simple smartphone.

All of us who have commissioned our site from these extraordinary professionals have discovered unexpected and happy accents and associations in our own pieces, extraordinarily enriched by virtue of their excellent work and admirable inventiveness.”

José Luis Téllez

“The amount of space taken up over the years by the memory of an artistic life such as mine is immense and the nature of its testimony extremely fragile. Until now, I have needed a large room full of huge shelves containing all my recordings, my photographs, programs and all the other documents that belong to my professional life. But times have changed and now my voice travels in other media and also at a different speed. On my website, this space has been reduced to a new place, full of light, where I can finally find most of the events that make up my career.

I have always known Susana and Maria and I’m most enthusiastic about their capacity to achieve a fine work of high quality, based on love, knowledge and an enthusiasm without limits. I wish them the best in this new journey.”

Teresa Berganza